In September, Rabbit Finance opened a new chapter. We launched Rabbit Finance V2 and the new heavyweight product Rabbit M. After iterative upgrades, we have achieved fruitful results. The following is a brief review of our work this month:

I. September Recap

1. Rabbit Finance V2 and the leveraged trading product Rabbit M…

In order to respond to regulatory requirements around the world and meet the operational requirements of local cryptocurrency laws and regulations, in accordance with relevant Chinese policies and regulations, the Rabbit Finance platform will actively cooperate with the regulatory measures of relevant departments, referring to the “About Further Prevention and…

We are honored to be invited to have an AMA in Binance Smart Chain community, to answer questions about what Rabbit Finance is now, what is the latest product Rabbit M and what the NFT product of Rabbit will be like, and much more. Here is the Transcript from the…

We would like to answer some questions raised by the Rabbit Finance Community regarding CARROT and veCARROT, to help users understand the tokenomics and gameplay of CARROT and veCARROT.

Q1. There are a large amount of CARROT in the Treasury of the Boardroom at present. Could you explain the usage of this part of the token.

A1. CARROT in the Treasury of the Boardroom will be used only for token issuance after REBASE. At the same time…

We are considering 2 directions for Rabbit NFT, namely option NFT and Gamefi+NFT, with the mechanism designed as follows. Suggestions and opinions are welcomed to refine the final plan, please provide to the team via email, sending relevant information to, …

According to the Farming Pool Release Program, the RABBIT reward output will be decreased starting from this Friday, 2021/09/17 UTC.

In the next period, the global RABBIT reward output will be decreased from 15 RABBIT/Block to 13.5 RABBIT/Block.

Start time: 2021/09/17 UTC

For more project progress and latest news, please join Rabbit Finance community.

Rabbit Finance Team


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Following leveraged yield farming, Rabbit Finance will introduce a major update of the project, Rabbit Finance V2, together with a new family member, Rabbit M, which will not only enrich the whole ecosystem by providing a risk hedging tool for leveraged farmers but also offer a decentralized and reliable margin…

XLoot is a fork project of Loot, created by core members of the Loot community. The XLoot community believes that valuable NFT assets should not only record information such as equipment of Warriers. They hope to record the valuable moments of digital assets such as BTC and ETH and give them random quantitative attributes, so that NFT assets are more than just games. Props, or synthetic assets of BTC or other digital assets, its value will surpass LOOT.

Total Supply : 1,000,000 XLoot

Initial Price : 0.01 BNB

Farming Cycle: 60 Days

Total Output: 120,000 XLoot

Launch Time: 2021/09/10 UTC

For more project progress and details, please join Rabbit Finance Community.

Rabbit Finance Team


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Dear community:

In order to motivate RABBIT lock-up and veRABBIT holders on Boardroom, RABBIT reward pool allocation point will be adjusted from 40 to 80, that is, the RABBIT rewards obtained by staking veRABBIT in the pool will be doubled then.

Start Time: 12:00 2021/09/07 UTC

Rabbit Finance will continue to empower RABBIT, providing more application scenarios and higher returns for investors.

For more progress and news, please join Rabbit Finance Community‌.

Rabbit Finance Team‌


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Dear Rabbit Finance fans,
The upgrade of Rabbit Finance V2 is in progress. It will take some time to synchronize the global nodes. It is estimated that the V2 version will meet you at 15:30 (UTC) 2021/09/03. This time, we have upgraded the upgrade plan. Users do not need to close their positions or migrate ibToken to experience the Margin Trading product Rabbit M which is upgraded along with v2. Thanks for supporting, the rabbit will become more powerful.

Rabbit Finance

Sheer Leveraged Yield Farming Pleasure

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