About the subscription price

We witnessed the passion of the community for actively participating in IDO during the subscription process. The final RS exchange rate was calculated using lowest RABBIT pricing from the previous month from Lbank.info. The goal is to increase the number of people who can successfully participate in the RS IDO event.

All RABBIT tokens that participate in IDO successfully will be transferred to the treasury, and these assets will remain the property of users holding RS tokens. The RS tokens you own are equivalent to Treasury Assets share certificates. The following is the breakdown of the initial treasury assets: With LP tokens and 22,500,000 RABBIT tokens, 7,500,000 RABBIT + 10,000 RS will be instantly sent to the treasury.

You will get sRS after staking RS tokens. The system will rebase every 8 hours if you hold sRS. In RabbitDAO, the optimal profit plan is long-term staking of RS and holding sRS in order to gain additional RS. As a result, the cost of a single RS token will continue to decrease. The demand for sRS will rise once the game is released. Your profit model would be: The additional amount of RS from inflation * RS token price.




Sheer Leveraged Yield Farming Pleasure

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Rabbit Finance

Rabbit Finance

Sheer Leveraged Yield Farming Pleasure

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