Announcement of Service Upgrade and Launch of the GARDEN

Rabbit is happy to see, today Rabbit Finance has become №1 on the Lending segment of DeFi!

Since yesterday afternoon, Rabbit Finance website has suddenly received a massive access request, which makes some user’s access was denied. Currently Rabbit Finance has increased Server and enhanced defense functions.

Plus our smart contract is untouchable, so assets of our user are safe for sure.

Rabbit has 2 things to announce here,

1, Rabbit Finance will launch the Garden tonight, which will allow users to stake RABBIT/CARROT LP to farm Tokens, which create more scenarios for RABBIT and CARROT.

Start Time: 12:00 2021/07/10 UTC

2, If the value of CARROT gets lower than 1 BUSD, Rabbit Finance would raise the weighted point of RABBIT pool reward in the VAULT.

For more project progress and dynamic details, please join Rabbit Finance Community!

Rabbit Finance Team


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