Community Update 2021/7/5

Dear community,‌

As of this Monday, the Rabbit Finance Protocol has continued to operate safely for 43 days. Since its official launch, Rabbit Financial has continued to provide community and users with safe, stable and reliable services, continue to provide lender with more asset options for depositing tokens and earning interest, and continue to provide more high-yield farming options for farmer.‌

The progress of this week is listed below,‌


1.Upgrade of the Boardroom and X3 pool launch

2. RABBIT/BUSD liquidity mining on MDEX, launch of trading contest

3. RABBIT listed on LBANK

4. TVL archived $400,000,000

Product Progress‌

1. Upgrade of the Boardroom, adjust the Rebase rule, increase inflation rate of CARROT

2. Launch of X3 pool, deposit and withdraw anytime with no lock up, new pool inflation rate at 15%, rebase every 12 hours, daily maximum inflation rate 30%.

3. Data display and calculation on close position page upgraded, the difference between the displayed value and the redeemable value decreased to less than 0.04% now

4. Finished development of the Garden, launch within this week

Operation Progress‌

1.Archived cooperation with MDEX, launched RABBIT/BUSD liquidity mining on MDEX. The Trading Contest started.

2. RABBIT listed on LBANK exchange, RABBIT/USDT trading pair listed

3. TVL of Rabbit finance exceeded $400,000,000 on July 4th, which is an all time high since launch of Rabbit Finance

4. In depth article <Analysis of Rabbit Finance Tokenomics> from community published in official document on gitbook.

5. Communicating with multiple elite projects on BSC about the Garden.

Plan of the week‌

1.Launch of the Garden, confirm cooperation with more elite projects on BSC

2. Continue community building, further improve operational efficiency and management level

3. Promote NFT related operation, promote cooperation with well known IPs, brands and communities

4. Start product planning of the Auction platform, continue to empower RABBIT

For more progress and news, please join Rabbit Finance Community‌

Rabbit Finance Team‌


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Sheer Leveraged Yield Farming Pleasure

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Rabbit Finance

Rabbit Finance

Sheer Leveraged Yield Farming Pleasure

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