Introduction to <Rabbit Vs. Zombies>

Magic Box

Magic Box Raffle Rules




  • Formula
  • Example


EXP and Level

Warrior Profile





How to Play

  • Choose a rabbit warrior and pick a zombie to snipe each time.
  • ‌The stronger the zombie, the lower the win rate while the more rewards you will receive once winning.
  • Much more EXP will be rewarded if win, and much less if lose.
  • Each NFT card can play one round every 24 hours. Access to the next round will open when the timer countdown ends.
  • The higher the rarity, the higher the win rate against zombies. For more details, please refer to <Warrior> chapter.


How to Play

  • It’s planned to launch a team battle every 10 days to allow rabbit warrior squad to join the battle against the Boss.
  • To form a squad, you need to collect rabbit warriors from 4 clans, among which at least one has Worthy rarity or two have Good rarity.
  • Players can PK with the Boss once a day while the battle will last for 10 days as a round, and the damage to the Boss will be accumulated.
  • After the battle is over, the total reward will be allocated according to the damage to the Boss, which is equal to the warrior’s ATK.




Sheer Leveraged Yield Farming Pleasure

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Sheer Leveraged Yield Farming Pleasure

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